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Monday, August 07, 2006

It looks like folks are itching to get started, so feel free to get going! I will still keep signups open until August 14, so if you want to join (or you are still trying to talk friends into joining with you), there's still time. *smirk*

I'll be placing an asterisk (*) next to your name when you've completed your socks, but there's no rush--the KAL doesn't end until November. I know there's still a lot of summer knitting going on, myself included, so if you're not ready to start your socks don't worry.

With that said, I have chosen the Summer Garden Socks. It is a striped sock (sort of) using two colors of yarn and a garter stitch cuff with some texture thrown in for good measure. It's totally different construction than anything I've done before, so it will be exciting. Because of the colorwork, it may also turn out to be terribly ugly, but I'm hoping by using subdued colors (some earthy Koigu KPPPM), I'll come out of it with something really unique and beautiful. I hope. Eeeeeek! Here goes!


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