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Monday, November 06, 2006

YIPEE!!!! They're Finally Done
I have completed my socks. If I had to complete them by an earlier date I am sure I would have also but I liked having this extra time as I was working on so many other projects.
First I didn't use the original yarn I had chosen and second I decided on a different pattern.
In a swap I received some purple Cascade Fixation (I can't get it here where I live) which I used and I did the Holey Socks aka Ellie's Eyelet Socks. I liked the pattern and even liked the Cascade Fixation yarn I used. The yarn is interesting being it is cotton and lycra.
I don't have a blog and since it is so close to the deadline I am adding my photos here. So don't peek if you don't want to know what they look like just yet. The only thing is the color didn't come accurately. They are purple not periwinkle blue. This was a fun KAL.


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