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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Yesterday, I got the bug and started on my mystery socks - they went really fast with Merino 2000 from Lana Grossa. It's not really a sock yarn, but since those were the last two balls from a frogged huge cardigan (the others ended up a lovely baby blanket, LOL) and I mean to wear them around the house for toasty toes only, it's fine.

The pattern is the shell sock pattern from knitaddicted.com

It was an interesting experiment, and I'll certainly try this again in the future. But first, once the yarn finally arrives, another pair of Baudelaire's for my mother and then Eunny's Chuck's Cabled Socks

Well, I'll keep checking in to see how everyone else's have turned out and maybe I'll add another mystery sock to the list if I come across an intriguing pattern.


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