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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Garter Lattice Socks from the Knitlist are the "mystery" socks I have decided to knit.

Hello everyone! I had originally planned to make the Leaf Lace (or is it Lace Leaf?) socks or else Viv's Lacy Socks till I saw that these already seemed to be popular choices and I didn't want it to be thought I was just a follow-the-leader, LOL! So I went with my third choice and that is the Garter Lattice. I will probably knit them toe-up, though, and am using handspun wool yarn.

I wanted to say that I agree with Stariel's request that we have a link to photo's of socks so that we can chose whether or not to look at the pattern as it is worked, rather than posting the photos here. That will help keep it a mystery! That said, I am also enjoying seeing all of the lovely socks everyone is knitting. (Speaking of Stariel, check out the neat sock she knit for me in a different Sock-along! You can see it at here at my Serenity Farms blog)

Maybe we could have a set date that after it comes we can begin to post here to this blog?

Thank you for having me at your knit along,

Cary at Serenity Farms


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