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Sunday, August 27, 2006

I have finished the first My-Sock-and-I-Won't-Abandon-It sock. The pattern I used was a simple spiral rib, which, I know, isn't much of a mystery. But the other pictureless patterns at my disposal are being made by others here, and, well, I've had a peek or two. So, the mystery here came from the yarn. This is striping yarn, yes, but the stripes are wonderfully random. I'll post a photo here ASAP.

Wouldn't you know it, my favorite combination of colors is on the bottom of the sock! Well, there's a second one to come --- maybe those colors will appear topside!


  • Oh, darn that yarn for looking better on the bottom! Maybe this pair will get to be the ones you wear when putting your feet up on the coffee table. Then whoever is sitting across from you can enjoy them! :)

    By Blogger msubulldog, at 9:35 AM  

  • HEY! Hadn't thought of that! THANKS!!

    By Blogger KSD, at 5:29 AM  

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