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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My daughter (14, which figures prominently in the story) loves knee socks. When I signed up for this KAL, I knew I had the perfect kick-start for making a pair, or two, or three, for her.

Ever try to wrangle a teenager over to a computer screen to look at and pick out yarn? Pull some teeth instead. Finally get some yarns chosen. She wants to know about the pattern, which I explain has to be a mystery. Kind of intriguing to her, but mostly she just wants to get back to her anime.

So I wait for the yarn, I find a mystery pattern, and cast on. Daughter, realizing what is going on, announces that she is displeased with how things are going.

Told you 14 played a part.

I have a one-third-finished-sock that no one is going to wear, apparently. This quashes any sock-knitting-desire momentarily, you know? But I'll pull it back together. And pick another mystery pattern, and choose some yarn that is pretty, and make myself a sock.

(Hey, 46 can set a jaw, too!)


  • Darn those teenagers! At least you'll get a pair for yourself, though. :)

    By Blogger msubulldog, at 9:33 AM  

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