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Friday, August 25, 2006

SO I started the Elizabethan stockings and knitted about an inch before thinking that they looked kind of big...so I looked back at the needle size and realized that it said 2 mm NOT sz 2. Grrr. So I frogged em back and I have to start again on sz 0 this time...
A couple of things. So far I am loving the Knit Picks Gloss yarn. It is very soft and stretchy enough but not too stretchy(if that makes sense). I won't know for sure until I have knitted with it more, but so far I really like it for a sock yarn. It is much nicer than some of the wool/nylon blends I've used. Did I mention it's really soft?
Also, if anyone else is doing this pattern, there seems to be an error when you get to the decreases. The directions say to decrease every 4th row and then in the example it gives, it has decreases on almost every row. Given that it is the knee decreases that this is for, I assume that I should follow the directions and not the example. I guess I'll find out when I actually get to that point!
Ok, back to casting on...again...


  • *whew* At least you caught it early. The idea of frogging more than an inch or so of kneesocks is terrifying!

    By Blogger msubulldog, at 9:05 PM  

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